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Academics Management

This helps manage grading, reports, subjects and academics

About this Feature

The Academic module helps your institution track and manage academic records of each student according to their test, assignments, exams etc. It also lets you set up and manage various kinds of grading systems. Schoolz Admin offers a unique approach for grading, replacing old traditional paper reports. The teacher can access and update gradebooks at will. Parents can be sent the ward’s reports via emails. Data download option is available for all your data.'

Why do you need this

Introducing a new software in a school is thought of to be a provoking decision especially measuring whether the system fits in your existing ecosystem or not. But the main question here is, at what time does your institution introduce Schoolz Admin to automate and simplify daily operations. Here are a checklist to help with your decision:

  • Test and Exam grading entries
  • Report Sheet automation
  • Subjects Management
  • Academic Calendar management
  • Downloadable Student Reports

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