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Attendance Management

This helps with the management of Attendance

About this Feature

The attendance module is designed to handle the various attendance requirements of public and private schools of all sizes due to the importance in security of students, staff or existing infrastructure has outmost importance. This module lets you mark the student/staff Present or Absent.

Why do you need this

Introducing a new software in a school is thought of to be a provoking decision especially measuring whether the system fits in your existing ecosystem or not. But the main question here is, at what time does your institution introduce Schoolz Admin to automate and simplify daily operations. Here are a checklist to help with your decision:

  • Provides teachers a convenient way to track the attendance of their students
  • Manages and apprehends daily attendance of both staff and students
  • Taking attendance with the software has no limit to the number of students or staffs the institution has.
  • Keep track of students and class daily attendance. Comprehensive reporting allows you view and analyse attendance daily, weekly, termly, or over specified period.

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