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Messaging Module

This helps with the management of Messaging

About this Feature

This module helps you send customized SMS and Emails to parents on the categories you allow e.g. messages will be sent to parents on fees paid, admissions, report summaries etc invoices can be sent to parents via emails anytime, very fast and easy candidates can get an alert in email/ or SMS.

Why do you need this

Introducing a new software in a school is thought of to be a provoking decision especially measuring whether the system fits in your existing ecosystem or not. But the main question here is, at what time does your institution introduce Schoolz Admin to automate and simplify daily operations. Here are a checklist to help with your decision:

  • When customized messages are sent to parents via emails or SMS there’s a 100% assurance that the messages will be read by the parents
  • Reminders are also sent for late fees, fees paid and the balance
  • The communication between teacher, parents, and student is vital for students a bright future.
  • Invoice which most parents ask for can be sent to them safely and efficiently to parents
  • A notification appears on recipient screen and the sender can know if his message is delivered
  • With an internal messaging system, the administrator, employees, teachers, students, and parents can send and receive private and secure messages
  • Messages can be sent to parents concerning the attendance history of their wards

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