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Staff Management

This helps with the management of Staff Profiles

About this Feature

This module helps with the management of both academic and non-academic staff, personal and official records as well as assignment of classes to various academic staff. You can enter a different type of staff information like; basic info, professional info, photo upload, emergency contact details etc. You can import data via Excel.

Why do you need this

Introducing a new software in a school is thought of to be a provoking decision especially measuring whether the system fits in your existing ecosystem or not. But the main question here is, at what time does your institution introduce Schoolz Admin to automate and simplify daily operations. Here are a checklist to help with your decision:

  • Import data via Excel
  • If data is fragmented and stored in insecure places and theres a need to avoid risk of a data breach or data loss
  • Low maintenance cost, secure and intelligent cloud hosting, and multiple backup storage facilities.
  • Cost effective solution, pay only for service, zero spending on hardware.
  • Negligible time for implementation, since the software is shared on cloud as a service.
  • No technical knowledge required, due to a user friendly platform.
  • 24/7 customer support and comprehensive training provided by our experts at your own convenience.
  • We are a leading EdTech provider, serving hundreds of Institutions around the world. A secure, scalable and reliable solution which fits best in your Institute.
  • The ability to handle multiple admins or user accounts. Admins can allow different rights to the different users as per their needs. Even multiple admin accounts could also be created using the admin. This option provides you the opportunity to distribute the burden of the management into different levels.

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